Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Can Never Be TOO Patriotic

Have I shown you this pattern yet?
I can't remember.
I can't find it.

So I apologize if it is a repeat
and hope you like it if it is new.

I wanted to take Miss E 
something special'for the 4th of July.
Since I LOVE thread
this is what I came up with.

I wish I had white
instead of cream
but I like the Early Americana look
that the cream gives it.

The front and back look pretty much alike
so it doesn't make a difference
if the buttons are on the front
or the back.

I really like the open weave
of the top.
To be honest,
I wanted to make a dress, 
but I got tired working
on the skirt part.
So, a top it became.

As you can tell, 
Miss E likes it so much
she had to wear it for the 4th of July.
And by the size,
it looks like she will be wearing it next year too.

Oh, the names comes from Miss E's late Grandma, Cindy.
She always said, "One can never be TOO Patriotic."

This pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for $3.99. 
Just click on the link below.
All proceeds from this pattern will be donated 
to a no-kill animal shelter in Western New York 
or one my home state of Indiana. 
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase

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