Monday, May 18, 2015

Americana Wreath

My latest creation . . and notice the crocheted stars on it?

A friends' niece has made, and sold, a lot of these.
I asked her how she made it
and it was easier than the last one I did
for St Patrick's Day that was similar.

I knew when I found the "netting"
I wanted to make crocheted stars.
When the wreath was done
and the stars were starched and dried
I had to figure out how to hang the stars.

I like the spiral 
and figured they might make the stars dance.
They kind of do that . . . so I'm happy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Catnip Doves Rule

WOW . . my CATNIP DOVE pattern 

was chosen and one of 

30 March 2015.

I was pleasantly surprised:)

Thank You Alexandra :)

Last week I sent 30+ of these doves
to our local No-Kill Maternity Shelter.
Tey sell Doggy Bags and Tabby Totes
to raise money for their work.
They like to have
handmade toys for the cats.

Now, I have started on a TON,
or at least more than 30,
for their week at the Erie County Fair.