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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Start of Olaf Hat and a Finished Elsa-like Hat

My niece, "L", suggested I make hats for the characters in frozen for my great niece "E", who is "L's" niece . . . still with me :)

I haven't watched the movie, but is there any person out there who hasn't  seen pictures of the characters?

I started on Olaf . . . he makes me laugh. I would have gotten him finished but I couldn't find the black yarn I was using.

Not sure about the "buck tooth." But I didn't want the edge of the hat going into the forehead of "E." So I guess she has a goofy hat for a goofy character.

Then yesterday, I started an Elsa hat. Somewhere I saw a picture of an Elsa hat where the yarn for the braid was "woven" through the hair (edge of the hat) to the place of the braid.  I didn't like the way the braid laid, but I liked the idea. 

So, my readers, here is the end result.

I know the braid is L*O*N*G ! ! ! ! !
(I used 62" pieces of yarn.)
I wanted to make sure it was
log enough to look "Elsa-ish"
and figured E's momma could trim it to size.

I'm happy with the way the
"peaks" of the "crown" came out.
Those of you who crochet
know that these "peaks"
can come out,
slanted if you aren't lucky.
So I was lucky this time.

Hopefully, in the photo above,
or below,
you can see how I added the "braids."
I did a *sc, ch 1, sk 1"
so the braid yarn could fit in the ch sp.

The bottom of the braid looks rather rough.
but in person, it is smooth.

When I finally finish Olaf, and make an Anna hat, I will have patterns ready and they will be free . . .mainly because they were all so easy to make and I hope it will give more women the chance to make them for their kids for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christmas Owl Hat

This is the 1st Christmas Hat for Miss E this year.
As a matter of fact, after making her hats
for the last 2 Christmas'
it is rather hard to come up with new patterns.

I LOVE these sleepy eyes.
The ear tufts have these bells attached to them.

This pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for 1.99
Just click on the link below.

All proceeds from this pattern will be donated 
to a no-kill animal shelter in Western New York 
or one my home state of Indiana. 
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase

Monday, October 6, 2014

Medieval-ish Hood with Ruffle

Not sure is Medieval-sh as an acceptable word
but, then again, where do sportscaster get off using "physicality?"
However, when I saw the picture of this
I immediately thought
of the headpiece a knight
wears under his armor.

This is a winter hat 
made using Lion Brand Homespun
in the color "Mimosa."

You can barely see the buttons.
I fund them at JoAnne's today.
 wanted something that would blend in . . . 
looks like I accomplished it.
They are actually a clear,
iridescent pint hearts.

This pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for FREE
Just click on the link below.

All proceeds from this pattern will be donated 
to a no-kill animal shelter in Western New York 
or one my home state of Indiana. 
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase

Friday, September 19, 2014

Teenage Turtle Beanie

A new treasure for any child between the age of 0 and 99.
I not only love the ease of the pattern
I like the fact I can make any size under pre-teen
in one day, maybe two days
 if I have other things to do besides crochet.
(I hate those days, don't you?)

This is my toddler neighbor modeling his hat.

Isn't he cute . . . 
and, you can see, the hat goes well with crumbs on a chin :)

And then we have my neighbor, Mason.
He was my original teen model.
But I felt it was too big
so I frogged and started over.

When I was ready for the "remake" modeling
Mason was at football practice
so his sister, Cassie, volunteered.
I sure like this one better.

Oh, and the mask is attached to the hat
but it ties in the back . . . 
this way, if it is a little large,
it can be "tightened" up.

Oh, the hat Cassie is wearing
has a sc mask. 
In the pattern I give you the pattern for the 
toddler and Mason's mask
and the separate pattern for Cassie's sc mask.

The pattern is written
so it can adapt from a newborn
to an adult male.

Remember, if you need any pattern help,
I am always around . . . 
and the pattern includes my email just in case.


This pattern is available for $1.00 in my Ravelry shop
If you would like to buy it, click the Buy Now button.
*All proceeds from this pattern will be donated
to a no-kill animal shelter in Western New York
or one my home state of Indiana.
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase

Friday, August 15, 2014

Prairie Slouchie


It actually looks pretty much like I had planned
(said tongue in cheek.)

The first 4 Rnds are what I planned.
From there
I frogged several times
and I am glad I did.

The final hat makes me smile.
It reminds me of a modern  take
on a Prairie Bonnet.

Not  bad for being made
while I was riding the exercise bike at the gym.
I would do several Rnds
come home and write up the Rnds I completed.
Frog if I wasn't happy
and start all over again
the next time I was at the gym.

I think if I just sat down to make it,
no gym or bike riding involved,
I could finish it in two days.

This pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for $3.99. 
Just click on the link below.
All proceeds from this pattern will be donated 
to a no-kill animal shelter in Western New York 
or one my home state of Indiana. 
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase


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