Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Heavens

Just checked my last post and it was dated June 9, I believe. WOW, where have I been? I've been physically buy on my body . . . and not in the gym.

1st I had two choices from a D&C I had: 1) have a D&C every year and see if one of the polyps (2 were found) comes in as cancerous . . . both polyps were benign but one shows all the signs of my getting a cancerous one in time and 2) have a total hysterectomy and be done with it.

I chose #2 so the end of June I had a hysterectomy.

31 Days later, 4:30 pm, I was in my primary care doctors office thinking my appendix needed removed. They sent me to the ER and at 11:30 pm that night I was admitted to the hospital with the promise of Gall Bladder surgery the next day.

When I went in for my 1 week check up on the Gall Bladder surgery, Dr Buckley introduced me as "The Queen of Abdominal Surgeries."  What a hoot.

Worst part, after the Gall Bladder, beside the pain of not being able to sleep in bed, is the fact that my brain was so addled from the anesthesia that I couldn't make sense out of crochet patterns. The one that is still driving me nuts is a simple spiral pattern. Shoot, I have done them for years but I can not figure out how to work the design I want into it. Guess I will try again when I get the thread I want to make the pattern and maybe, just  maybe, I will be able to "whip up" a Mochila Bag that I have wanted to make for the lat year.

Will talk to all of you later when I actually have a crochet pattern to share :) And by "share" I mean it will be a post 2 surgeries freebie :)