Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Tonight Gene started reading something to me, which is a recurring event in our household. After 15 years I have finally gotten pretty good about looking like I am listening, "Uh-huh-ing" at the right time, etc.

Well, tonight he said, "Are you listening?" I decided I better start.

So he starts rereading a letter that tells me I have won 2nd place in the Vanna's Choice Contest. (For those of you not in the USA, Vanna's Choice is a worsted weight yarn sold by Lion Brand.)

I just sat her dumbfounded . . . I didn't see a letter from Lion Brand. This envelope had come from a marketing company. I(f I had looked carefully at the envelope I might have thrown it away, not knowing who it was from. Glad it got in Gene's pile of mail today.

Here is what I entered. My bag and 2 of the fish for the game "Goin' Fishin' a Learning Game."

The letter said that once i send in the required information. I would receive approx $100 worth of yarn chosen by the sponsor. I can't wait to see what colors they pick. This is my favorite yarn . . the only one that doesn't dry my hands out.

Will let all of you know more when I receive the yarn.


  1. wow congratulations and a well deserved award!

  2. Congratulations, lucky thing, I never win any thing.

  3. Congratulations, Paula!!! (I do the same thing, especially when my husband starts talking to me about stuff at work, or the truck he's always working on... Lol)


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