Friday, July 6, 2012

Princess Elizabeth

Since Miss Elizabeth Grace is the "queen" in her home, I should have named it Queen Elizabeth, but I didn't want people to think it was a dowdy tiara . . . Princess Elizabeth sounds cute and perky, just like my Ellie Grace.

Size made: 18" head circumference

Materials Used:
Bernat Handicrafter Thread - sample done in Buttercup
Crochet Hook - 3.00
Yarn / Tapestry Needle

Stitches Used:
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
picot - ch 3, sl st into base of ch
sc - single crochet
shell - 9 treble crochet in same st
sl st - slip stitch
st - stitch
tr - treble crochet

Chain 80, sl st to beginning chain, making sure not to twist chain.

Round 1: Ch 3, dc in same st and each st around, sl st to beginning ch 3.

Round 2: Ch 3, dc in same st and each st around, sl st to beginning ch 3 to join.

Round 3: Ch 1, sc in same st, *sk 2, 9 tr in next st, sk 2, sc in next st,* repeat from * to * around.

Round 4: Sl st to 5th tr of shell, 3 picot in this tr, *ch 6, 3 picots in 5th tr of next shell,* repeat from * to * around, ch 6,  sl st to base of beginning bicot. Fasten Off.

Bottom Picots:  Attach thread to  base of beginning ch 3, make a picot in this sp, *sc in the next 6 sts, picot in next st, * repeat from * to * around, sc to beginning picot, Fasten Off.


Crown can be adapted to any size head. Your chain should be the length of the circumference of the head you want to fit. The number of chains should be divisible by 6 . . .example: 84, 90. 96, etc.

Measurements (in inches)

3 mo
6 mo
12 mo
2 T

5 – 10 lbs
11 – 18 lbs
19 – 24 lbs

Head Circumference
16 – 19
18 - 20
18 – 20


  1. Oh this is too cute. I was a girl so I can make a tiara for her. I guess I could just convert it into a kings crown can't I?

    1. Oh, yes, Sara . . . I think it would GREAT on a boy. WHat I would probably do is change the picots on the top of the shell to one, instead of three . . then it won't be so busy.

      Princesses always seem "busier" than princesses :-}

  2. Lovely tiara! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  3. This is beautiful! Love this crown. Would be perfect for a birthday party or dress up. I've got to make one of these. Thanks for sharing at Hookin on Hump Day!

  4. So very pretty! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicate House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  5. Thanks again for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day, Paula! I featured your project as on of my favorites!


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