Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slip-On Barefoot Baby Sandals with Shell

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The husband and I went shopping for the great-niece this weekend. We found two adorable 1-3 mo outfits . . . one was shorts and a top, the other a skirt and top. Now, I know she probably won't wear them long, but for about $3 each, that works for me.

Her momma likes the barefoot baby sandals. I could not find any for free, so I came up with my own pattern and it's free to anyone who wants it.

I made them very simple, but you could add any embellishments to the top to "fancy" them up.
I made a pretty good match, don't ya think?
In case she has a smaller foot,
I made the strap on the solid color sandals smaller.

These were made to slip the baby's foot through the strap and then slip the toe ring around a toe. Then you don't have to worry about tying them on, or making the ties "just the right length."

If you are interested in the pattern for these sandals, it is available for $1.00 from my Ravelry shop. Just click "buy now."

100 % of the purchase price

is donated to one of two no kill pet shelters I support.

One is a maternity shelter in Western New York.

The other is the Humane Society in my hometown in Indiana.


  1. Its so awesome that you donate to a no kill shelter, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Jessmy22.

    The Wyoming County Shelter is ina very rural area. They are always being inundated with cats/kittens. For some strange reason, no philanthropic person / group from the Buffalo, NY, area has taken it up on themselves to help out. Makes me sad.

    They just had a "raid" and had a number of the cats/kittens and several dogs placed in other facilities because of the overcrowding. It was so sad . . . plus they need a new septic system and something else that is going to set them back a lot . . . and they don't have the $$$ for it.

    So, whatever little I can contribute, I do. If it helps one fur~baby, I have done well.


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