Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ellie Grace Sweater and Hat Ensemble

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Ellie Grace's Sweater and Hat Ensemble is FINALLY done. What do you think?

I just love the little heart buttons.

For my little elf, Ellie Grace.

Doesn't the ittle bear button add some humor to the hat?

I am just so proud of this, I could burst at the seams :0}

If you are interested in the patterns for the sweater and hat, they are available as one pattern for $3.00 from my Ravelry shop.

100 % of the purchase price

is donated to one of two no kill pet shelters I support.

One is a maternity shelter in Western New York.

The other is the Humane Society in my hometown in Indiana.

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  1. Love your little ensemble. I especially like the way you photographed the hat... on a melon! what a great idea. I always have such a hard time photographing my hats.... you brought a smile to my face this morning!


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