Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BAZINGA ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yeppers, this is a BAZINGA moment
thanks to Melinda at MoCrochet.

I hope she doesn't mind,
but she wrote her post so eloquently,
I am going to copy and paste it here.

If you are a designer,
Wait until you read this . .
get ready to be TOTALLY EXCITED . . .
              R*E*A*D*Y  ? ? ? ? ?

From Melinda, and I quote:
"I have found a great new gadget for my blog that I have to share with you! You can now print or save all my patterns and/or posts for that matter in a pdf file. This is courtesy of You just click on the "PRINT PDF" link at the bottom of each post. You can then save the file to your hard drive or just print it out. How neat is that! Please share this information with others in the blogging community. Try it out - see how cool it is. :)"

Now, you will notice a little addition (a printer with the words Printable Version) to the bottom of all of my posts . . .Thanks Melinda . . now, off to do it on  my Fur~Babies Momma blog for all of the patterns I have on there.

This Just May Be Better Than Sex Today :0}

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