Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I had made sock monkey dolls for my great niece and the 8 month old (he is , probably, close to 9 months old now) across the street. I wanted something else for them for Christmas. That’s when I came up with this pattern. I wanted something to go with the sock monkey dolls but not look like the sock monkey hats I had seen.

I made the baby (boy) hat 1st. Somehow, I made a MAJOR counting error and it ended up adult size. Don’t ask me how, I have no idea why I didn’t catch what I was doing …. but I liked the outcome. (Shown in the middle of the top photo and by itself in the bottom photo.)

 When I made the one for Aiden, I didn’t want a pom-pom since his sock monkey doll didn’t have one on his hat . . so I went with a simple fringe at the top. (Shown on the right in the top photo.)

Iwanted Mady’s to be a little “girlie” so I added ringlets to the top instead of a pom-pom. (Shown on the left in the top photo.)

This is a close-up of the adult hat.
 I'll get the pattern posted in my Fur~Babies Momma blog when I write it down. It is the same basic pattern I have used on my other "sock" hats but the girl's "brim" is different than normal.

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