Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Good Heavens

Just checked my last post and it was dated June 9, I believe. WOW, where have I been? I've been physically buy on my body . . . and not in the gym.

1st I had two choices from a D&C I had: 1) have a D&C every year and see if one of the polyps (2 were found) comes in as cancerous . . . both polyps were benign but one shows all the signs of my getting a cancerous one in time and 2) have a total hysterectomy and be done with it.

I chose #2 so the end of June I had a hysterectomy.

31 Days later, 4:30 pm, I was in my primary care doctors office thinking my appendix needed removed. They sent me to the ER and at 11:30 pm that night I was admitted to the hospital with the promise of Gall Bladder surgery the next day.

When I went in for my 1 week check up on the Gall Bladder surgery, Dr Buckley introduced me as "The Queen of Abdominal Surgeries."  What a hoot.

Worst part, after the Gall Bladder, beside the pain of not being able to sleep in bed, is the fact that my brain was so addled from the anesthesia that I couldn't make sense out of crochet patterns. The one that is still driving me nuts is a simple spiral pattern. Shoot, I have done them for years but I can not figure out how to work the design I want into it. Guess I will try again when I get the thread I want to make the pattern and maybe, just  maybe, I will be able to "whip up" a Mochila Bag that I have wanted to make for the lat year.

Will talk to all of you later when I actually have a crochet pattern to share :) And by "share" I mean it will be a post 2 surgeries freebie :)


  1. Take your time and gain strength, don't rush back to full health, listen to your body. Glad to read your post.

  2. Oh you poor thing! Gosh, sounds like you've had your share of problems. Big hugs!!!!! I know what you mean about the anesthesia though. It takes a while to get out of your system. Take care of yourself now. (Oh by the way, you won the drawing on my blog.)

  3. Nice to know you are feeling better and are up and adam! I sure hope the two of you are 100% now and will be dancing on your tippy toes! I missed you!


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