Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Doily for Maureen

Doily for Maureen - 18" in Diameter

To make this pattern you will need these material and supplies:
Monaco Crochet Thread #8
- #10 Crochet Thread could also be used for a slightly smaller doily
Steel Hook - #5/1.90 mm
Yarn/Tapestry needle

Starch - I prefer Liquid Starch but Spray Starch and a steam iron are fine
Blocking Board and Pins

The BEST things about this pattern:
1. Any size thread or yarn can be used to make this pattern.
2. Written in American English terms.
3. Very easy to memorize each Rnd of sts.
4. If you need help, my email address is on the bottom of each pattern page.

This pattern is very special to me. It is the 4th pattern I have made since my husband started his journey through cancer surgery (Adenocarcinoma in the Duodenum) and recovery.

The pattern was named for a Physicians Assistant we met with on a weekly basis once my husband was released from the hospital. She was so caring of both of us and extremely gentle with everything she had to do to him, which, at times, was etremely painful.

Now, about this doily itself.
1. The pattern, as shown, was made with *3 Monaco thread in Gray and Baby Pink. It was could also be made with crochet thread #10 where you would have a doily slightly smaller than the 18" diameter shown..
2. I prefer to use liquid starch when blocking my doilies. It gives them a crisp, finished look.


This Pattern is on sale, 
for $3.99, in the following shoppes:

100% of this pattern price supports no-kill pet shelters. 
The "fur~babies and I THANK YOU for your purchase.   

PLEASE REMEMBER... This listing is for a CROCHET PATTERN.. . not the finished item.

You may sell items made from this pattern. (c) 2016 Paula Gaumer Tooke
Per copyright law, do not redistribute (with or without charge) in any form. (Redistributing to others includes by photocopies, scanning, emailing, putting on a CD, posting in Internet forum messages, putting on another web site and any other manner of distribution.) You may sell items made from this pattern. 

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