Monday, March 21, 2016

Latest Project

I found a group on Facebook for CAL's. Now, honestly, I am not sure if it is for one cal, or f they change once the one I found is over.

In their files they had the pattern for the Queen Mandala. A Mandala that, when done in yarn, would, probably, be round enough to be a bedspread for a king sized bet. The ones that are finished are HUGE!

Since I am now stuck in a "thread warp" with my crochet PLUS I am stuck on combining Aunt Lydia's #10 Antique White and Natural for an interesting, soft combination of colors.

I decided to add Aunt Lydia's #10 in White so I could mix and match better.

Once I got past the flower round I decided I liked it the way it was. I had to frog three rounds so it would fit in the 9" metal ring I had.

This is what I ended up with and LOVE IT!

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