Saturday, October 25, 2014

Olaf-ish Hat

This guy slowed me down . . . I needed pipe cleaners for his "twig hair." I thought I would have to buy them at the store . . . even though I knew, at one time, I had them in my basket by the sofa. I finally found one in the basket and miraculously that was all I needed.

I'm not real pleased with his "buck tooth" placement. But, once I looked at him with his eyes, eye brows and hair on, I liked it . . . he so makes me laugh each and every time I see him!

I hope you like his as much as I do:)

This pattern is available in my Ravelry Store for 1.99
Just click on the link below.

All proceeds from this pattern will be donated 
to a no-kill animal shelter in Western New York 
or one my home state of Indiana. 
The Fur~Babies and I thank you for your purchase

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