Saturday, December 21, 2013

Stretchable Yoyo Clown Doll

I LOVE how an idea one has can be translated into a "living" object de' art.

I wanted to make E a yoyo doll for Christmas,
but I didn't want to mess with cloth/material
to make it.
So, I settled on crocheted circles.
with some eyes, elastic and bells.


I like this photo . . . he looks so fat and sassy.

Had I had more colors that I liked,
he would have been more colorful.
I used Deborah Norville,
thing or other,
because the green and yellow
were almost neon in color.

Faces scare me, specially when it comes to clown.
They can be very pleasant
or they can scare the be-jesus out of you.

I was happy with this smiling face.

I wanted a cute, colorful, funky hat.
I think it worked too.
The clown has been mailed
or I would have added a bell to the tip of the hat too.

I hope some of you will love this little clown as much as I do.

Please post a picture so I can see your colorful clown.

If you would like to buy this pattern, for $4.99, just click below.
***100% of the purchase price for the pattern goes to no-kill animal shelters in Western New York and in my home state of Indiana.***

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