Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Abby's Catnip Narwal

This pattern was first published September 14, 2010

Do you know what a Narwal is?
According to Wiklipedia:
The narwhal (Monodon monoceros) is a medium-sized toothed whale that lives year-round in the Arctic. One of two species of whale in the Monodontidae family, along with the Beluga whale, the narwhal males are distinguished by a characteristic long, straight, helical tusk extending from their upper left jaw.
This pattern was originally made to be a fish, but with the long "dangling" thing coming out of it's mouth, it ended up looking more like a Narwal. Thus the name.

I have listed the yarn and hook I used fr these pictures. However, I have used sock yarn, and a complimentary hook, and had great results.

  any"stash" yarn
 one that compliments the yarn
This pattern is available, for $1.00,  through my Ravelry Store,
The Fur~Babies Momma.
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Remember, 100% of the purchase price for the pattern goes to
Natalie's 2nd Chance Shelter,
a no-kill dog shelter in my home state of Indiana.
It is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.


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